The Honor Empire

This is the Guild Wars 2 website for the gaming organization: The Honor Empire.

We are seeking individuals to help with leadership responsibilities. Please see the forums if you would like to participate in a leadership position. All T.H.E. leaders from any game engines will have access to the leadership forum for GW2.

Guild Wars 2 can be purchased through the official site. There is no monthly cost for GW2.

Recent News

by Borg on 15 May 2015

In a few short years The Honor Empire will hit its 20th Year anniversary.   20 years....amazing run.   While the team has adventured from game to game picking up...

by Balandar on 06 Mar 2014

If you are using an nVidia card, check out ShadowPlay.


Available only with NVIDIA® GeForce Experience™, ShadowPlay records game action as you...

by Borg on 17 Dec 2013

Wolf was one of our UO leaders and Star Wars Galaxy who designed much of the graphics for the website and now works a TON with animation with a company in the...

by Balandar on 11 Nov 2013

If you want to get your hands on the alpha or beta for Everyquest Next Landmark you may want to purchase a founders pack! Otherwise, beta invites will be limited to...

by Balandar on 15 Aug 2013

The next MMO coming up is EQ Next, a Sandbox MMO with a malleable world. You can sign up for the beta using the link below.

From their Wiki: EverQuest Next, or...

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About Us

The Honor Empire is located on the world of Henge of Denravi (a US Server).

We favor mature and social individuals (see guidelines). Our focus is varied and includes anything from questing to endgame content. We are always on the lookout for new helpful and friendly players.

Have a question? Email us at

Guild Summary

We will accept all races and classes of Tyria.

The majority of members prefer an active WvW server to participate on for end-game.

Guesting to other servers is also available for RP purposes and events for those that participate.

If you are a leader in another game of T.H.E. online gaming organization, you have the choice of taking a leadership or officer position in GW2.