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Two thumbs up for GW2!

by Balandar on 29 Apr 2012

After 3 days of beta “testing” I will definitely be playing the release. I’ll be canceling my SWTOR account as well when this comes out. I keep jumping from game to game ever since UO died down. I've been playing MMOs since 1997. This is the one I'll be staying with until something else stirs up the MMO world.

I only noticed one ‘bug’ where an npc was female but the voice-over was male. Otherwise, it didn't feel like beta. It was very polished.


[b]What I liked:[/b]
[*]The graphics are stunning; it’s like playing in a painting, very artistic.
[*]Crafting and the harvesting of ore, gems, wood, mushrooms, etc. You get nodes to harvest and they appear for every person, so if someone grabs it you can too rather than it being gone for good. I'm not sure how WoW does this, but it reminded me of my UO days.
[*]Skills are simple and straightforward, you do not have 4 quick bars of 12 slots each full of skills. And what's cool is that they are based on the weapon you hold. So a scepter may give you a different set of skills than a hatchet.
[*]Snow! I always liked snow in games, and in Hoelbrak, when graphics are maxed, you can see your foot prints! The graphics of snow remind of DAoC a lot, which I really enjoyed. The reflections off of frozen lakes is really cool.
[*]The character customization at the beginning. Everything from eye slant, to how big you want the upper lip, to how long you want their chin. You can spend a good 20 minutes creating your character.
[*]MASSIVE world, but it’s quick to get to other places via waypoints and gates. I only scratched the surface. The world is just huge.
[*]Every race has a unique starting area and main fight/boss. They drop you right into something that feels epic and you’re not starting out killing womp rats.
[*]Underwater combat and swimming! Water isn't something to just swim across, you can enter any body of water and find something in the depths.
[*]Leveling speed is the same for each level after 11ish. So you do not have to grind that last level or feel like it takes forever to get the last few completed.
[*]Events/Quests just “happen”. No need to click on NPC’s unless it’s your story line. You could be walking along and see a group of people battling centaurs around a large pack animal. As you get closer you’re automatically included in the quest and can join in to defend it on it's journey to a remote outpost.
[*]No need to group other than to find people on a map. Everyone gets the full share of XP as long as you hit the mob once. So if someone comes up to you, you don't think "they are going to steal my kill". It's a different approach to wanting people to come up and help you kill it faster. You both get full XP from it then.
[*]Smooth gameplay. No lag at all with graphics, even with groups of 30+ players and spell effects going off everywhere. That is on my new system. (on the old alienware from 2003 it stutters just walking around in the main human city and that computer can’t even run SWTOR, so at least it can run gw2 as my backup from my main).
[*]Just have to say the graphics again. My favorite city is Divinity’s Reach, the human city. I spent around a 1/3rd of my time just looking at places and taking screenshots!
[*]WvWvW (World vs World vs World). They took DAoC realm vs realm and SWTOR's leveling people to max level and almost perfected it. There are castles to take (which you can take in the name of your guild), outposts, towers. You can build catapults, arrow carts, rams, etc to take towers/castles. There are also the small instanced zones of capture the flag kinda thing that you can play. But WvWvW is where the action is at!
[*]NPC's randomly saying things. I saw a group of NPC children gather and play out a pretend battle as kids do, then split up and run off to do other things.
[*]Interactive combat. You can't just sit there and hash keys. You have to move, dodge, and be a participant.
[*]The sounds in the cities and in general. It immerses you in the game.

[b]What I didn’t like[/b]
[*]More of a learning curve then other games I felt (probably me getting old). Once you get the hang of things it's easy to play.
[*]Only 5 character slots (but you can buy more they say).
[*]The max zoom out is not very far (about the standard default in SWTOR) but during Epic battles the zoom distance doubles. There is so much to see and you want to zoom out to take it all in.
[*]Chat bubbles only appear above NPC’s. I wanted the old UO style of text/chat bubbles appearing above people for a more RP feel.
[*]Overflow server. When there are too many people in an instance you get dumped into a new instance that is on an overflow server. Due to the hundreds of thousands of players that were online this happened often. That server lagged a lot. It was usually just the starting area outside of Divinity's Reach. I hope they have more overflow servers on release, or more servers in general. But the good news is that you didn’t have to wait a queue for 10 mins to even log in.. you could still play even with the lag.
There's probably more that I didn't think of at the moment. I'm sure Martok and Borg will jump in with their likes and dislikes.


[font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif][size=8][color=#FF0000][b]Buy it![/b][/color][/size][/font]

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