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PvE difficulty - DEV Topic

by Balandar on 01 May 2012

From the GW2 Forums:

Since there’s a lot of topics and discussions on this, I figured I’d make a post to let you guys know that we’re listening to your feedback on the matter, and there are valid points on both sides of the issue. In general, we’ve been fairly happy with the difficulty of the game in most places. However, we’re still in the process of working on PvE balance, so a lot of things will probably be adjusted and changed in the upcoming weeks. Here’s some of the areas we’re looking into updating:[list=1]
[*][b]New-player experience[/b]: It often takes people a while to get used to GW2 combat and learn to avoid attacks and learn what their skills do and how they work. We’re looking at slowing down the rate in which we introduce different enemy mechanics so that new players have more of a chance to get accustomed to the game.
[*][b]Event scaling[/b]: We’re looking at ways to make the scaling on a lot of events work better for large amounts of players.
[*][b]Monster balance[/b]: Some enemies are significantly more difficult than others while others aren’t very threatening- we’re working on updating the balance for both of these categories so that there’s a more consistent difficulty level between various enemy types.
[*][b]Individual quest and event balance[/b]: Some events and personal story quests can be overly difficult, and we’re looking at identifying these places.
Again, thanks a lot for all the feedback on this- we’re always trying to make the game a great experience, and feedback from you guys on what you’re enjoying and not enjoying helps us improve it.

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