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The Worlds of the Guild Wars 2 Beta

by Balandar on 07 Jun 2012

With the second Beta Weekend Event almost upon us (June 8-10), it’s time that you and your friends start planning on which world you want to play. I’m here to help!

If this is your first Beta Weekend Event, you’ll have the opportunity to pick any available server, or home world, when you log in for the first time. If you choose a home world that is in a different region from where you purchased your game, you will be logged out for a short period of time while your account is moved to your new region. All of the characters you create will play on whichever home world you select, and they’ll fight for that world in our World vs. World format.

If you played in our first Beta Weekend Event, you will already have an existing home world. We’ll have a lot more players participating in this second beta, so you may want to change your home world so you can play together with your friends. Good news, everyone! World transfers will be [b]free of charge[/b] on June 8 from Noon PDT (GMT -7) until 6PM PDT (GMT -7) on June 9. After this point, a world transfer will cost 1800 gems with a limit of one transfer every 7 days.

What if you need a server transfer [i]after[/i] the free grace period expires?

Every beta player will get 500 free gems automatically, and you can get 2000 free gems by entering a valid credit card in the Gem Store. You will not be charged, but your credit card company might place a $1 hold charge on your account. Don’t worry; it’s not an actual charge!

So make sure you have enough snacks, soft drinks, and a comfortable chair, because it’s going to be a full weekend of awesomeness. Brace yourself – BWE2 is coming!

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