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Mike Ferguson on WvW Updates

by Balandar on 08 Jun 2012

Hello, everyone, I’m back with another blog post about world vs. world. We’ve been incredibly busy over the last couple weeks, incorporating your feedback from the recent Beta Weekend Event, and we already have some very cool updates to show for it. So, I just wanted to take a few minutes and give everyone a sneak preview of some improvements that you can look forward to when you hop into world vs. world during our next Beta Weekend Event.


And if that isn’t enough, I’ve also got the final world standings from the last Beta Weekend! Was your world one of the four that went undefeated over the course of the weekend? How did your world stack up against the others? Find out below!

But first, let’s start with that sneak peek of the updates we’ve already made.




The chat system has received a major overhaul, and we’ve spent a good deal of time fixing many of the issues players encountered during the last Beta Event. Local chat is now called “say,” and is only heard in a short range around your character. We also added a map chat channel, making it easier for teams to coordinate.




The commander system is another area where we’ve spent some significant time. We’ve made it easier to join squads, as you can now right-click on someone’s name in chat and choose to join their squad. And squad chat now works both ways, allowing members to talk to their commander. In another improvement, commanders can now check the followers tab in their contacts panel to see a list of people who are in their squad.





Siege weapons have been rebalanced in a variety of ways. Arrow carts now have a slightly shorter range along with a longer cooldown on their skills, and catapult and trebuchet ranges have been extended to be slightly longer than the ranges of cannons and mortars, respectively. Also, you are now able to eject anyone using a weapon you placed into the world by simply going up to the weapon and interacting with it. Finally, we found and fixed a bug that made the damage rings of some enemy siege weapons show up as white instead of red. This should make it much easier to know when to dodge out of enemy cannon or arrow cart fire.


Those are just a few of the many updates we’ve made so far, but it’s a pretty good sample what we’ve been working on over the last few weeks. And just in case you’re wondering, the rest of the game has also been receiving quite a few cool fixes and improvements for you to experience in the next Beta Weekend Event. Rest assured, we are doing our best to take all the incredible feedback we’ve received over the last few weeks and use it to improve the game as much as we can before giving you the chance to dive back into Tyria and the Mists.




At last, it’s time for the final world standings from the first Beta Weekend Event! The results do require a little bit of explanation first, though. Every world participated in three different matches over the course of the weekend, but each world has a total of six wins and losses. This is because a team that ends up in first place is seen as beating two other worlds, so they get two wins from that match. A team that places second beats the third-place world, but loses to the first-place world, so that team receives one win and one loss. Any world finishing third in a match receives two losses.


As for how we calculate the rankings on the chart, the teams are sorted by wins and then their rating. We use a version of the glicko system (http://en.wikipedia....o_rating_system) to determine world ratings. There are two tables—one each for North America and Europe—since  worlds from different regions did not compete against each other. The records and rankings will be reset for the next Beta Weekend Event but we wanted to give people a chance to see how their world performed relative to the rest of their region.



NA World Wins Losses
Sea of Sorrows 6 0
Maguuma 5 1
Ehmry Bay 5 1
Darkhaven 5 1
Fort Aspenwood 5 1
Crystal Desert 5 1
Sorrow’s Furnace 4 2
Anvil Rock 4 2
Isle of Janthir 4 2
Kaineng 3 3
Vasburg 3 3
Eternal Grove 3 3
Yak’s Bend 3 3
Eredon Terrace 3 3
Scavenger’s Causeway 2 4
Jade Quarry 2 4
Steamspur Mountains 2 4
Borlis Pass 2 4
Moladune 2 4
Tarnished Coast 2 4
Deldrimor 1 5
Ferguson’s Crossing 1 5
Henge of Denravi 0 6
Blazeridge Mountains 0 6

EU World





Augury Rock 6 0
Fort Ranik 6 0
Desolation 6 0
Gandara 4 2
Far Shiverpeaks 4 2
Whiteside Ridge 4 2
Jade Sea 4 2
Riverside 3 3
Ring of Fire 3 3
Ruins of Surmia 3 3
Abaddon’s Mouth 3 3
Istan 3 3
Underworld 3 3
Blacktide 3 3
Kodash 3 3
Elona Reach 3 3
Vabbi 3 3
Fissure of Woe 2 4
Magus Falls 2 4
Sharp’s Corner 2 4
Kodunur 1 5
Kourna 1 5
Petrified Forest 0 6
Aurora Glade 0 6


See you on the battlefield!

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