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Introducing the Worlds of Guild Wars 2

by Balandar on 14 Aug 2012

Guild Wars has announced the servers for launch! See below. The Honor Empire is planning to be on Henge of Denravi!

With Headstart Access right around the corner, we understand that you and your friends need to organize and figure out which world you want to play on. Well, we’ve got you covered. Below you will find a list of all the worlds that will be available at Headstart on August 25. Tell your friends and make sure you all start your adventure together!

[b]US Worlds[/b]
[*]Anvil Rock
[*]Borlis Pass
[*]Yak’s Bend
[*]Henge of Denravi
[*]Sorrow’s Furnace
[*]Gate of Madness
[*]Jade Quarry
[*]Fort Aspenwood
[*]Ehmry Bay
[*]Stormbluff Isle
[*]Sanctum of Rall
[*]Crystal Desert
[*]Isle of Janthir
[*]Sea of Sorrows
[*]Tarnished Coast
[*]Northern Shiverpeaks
[*]Ferguson’s Crossing

[b]EU Worlds[/b]
[*]Fissure of Woe
[*]Ring of Fire
[*]Far Shiverpeaks
[*]Whiteside Ridge
[*]Ruins of Surmia
[*]Seafarer’s Rest
[*]Piken Square
[*]Aurora Glade
[*]Gunnar’s Hold
[*]Jade Sea [FR]
[*]Fort Ranik [FR]
[*]Augury Rock [FR]
[*]Vizunah Square [FR]
[*]Kodash [DE]
[*]Riverside [DE]
[*]Elona Reach [DE]
[*]Abaddon’s Mouth [DE]
[*]Drakkar Lake [DE]
[*]Baruch Bay [ES]

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