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The Final Countdown - Guild Wars 2 Launch Times

by Balandar on 14 Aug 2012

From GuildWars2.com

August 28[sup]th[/sup], 2012—the day[i] Guild Wars 2 [/i]launches—is fast approaching. Everyone here at ArenaNet is anxiously counting the days right along with every [i]Guild Wars 2[/i] fan. In just a few weeks, the servers will go live and each of us will be setting out on our adventures in Tyria!

As you may have seen, we host a countdown timer on the front page of our [url="https://www.guildwars2.com"]official website[/url]. The information below will give you specific details about times and dates based on whether you pre-purchased, pre-ordered, or are picking up a copy of the game on release day.[list]
[*][b]Pre-Purchase with 3-Day Headstart[/b]: Everyone who pre-purchased [i]Guild Wars 2[/i] will enjoy three full days of Headstart Access. The three-day Headstart Access will [i]officially [/i]begin at 0:00 AM Pacific time (GMT -7:00) on August 25[sup]th[/sup]. [b]However, please note that in order to ensure that we’re fully prepared for that fateful hour we may bring servers online up to 3 hours prior.[/b] If you’re a player committed to getting in first to grab that character name of your dreams you’ll want to be keeping an eye on things during that time period.
[*][b]Pre-Order with 1-Day Headstart:[/b] Those who pre-ordered [i]Guild Wars 2[/i] will be able to participate in one day of Headstart Access. The one-day Headstart Access will begin at 0:00 AM Pacific time (GMT -7:00) on August 27[sup]th[/sup]. [b]NOTE – Pre-Order code registration is now enabled.[/b]
[*]For those players who have not pre-purchased or pre-ordered the game, [i]Guild Wars 2[/i] will officially launch at 0:00 AM Pacific time (GMT -7:00) on August 28[sup]th[/sup].
[*][b]Download the Client today[/b]: If you’ve registered your pre-purchase or pre-order and created your Guild Wars account you can go to [url="https://account.guildwars2.com/login"]account management[/url] today and download the client. Be sure to update the client periodically to minimize your download at launch.
We look forward to seeing you in-game very soon!

[b][size=5]The Honor Empire Members, see below![/size][/b]

Please see [url="http://www.thehonorempire.org/forums/topic/14603-gw2-gamers-post-here-if-you-will-be-playing/"]this forum post[/url] and post your [i][b]username.id[/b][/i]. This will allow us to send you a guild invite faster for forming parties and playing together. You can get that information from the guildwars2.com account mangement site (link above). Also, we'll be on [url="http://www.thehonorempire.org/forums/topic/14547-teamspeak-servers/"]teamspeak at launch[/url].

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