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Henge of Denravi

by Balandar on 15 Aug 2012

The Honor Empire will be located on Henge of Denravi for GW2.

For a little lore on the server name, the following is from the GW2 Wiki:

"The Shattered Henge of Denravi is a location in [url=""]Brisban Wildlands[/url]. Once a sacred meeting place for the [url=""]druids[/url] of the [url=""]Maguuma Jungle[/url], it was abandoned when that enigmatic race disappeared. It was later used by the [url=""]Shining Blade[/url] in the early days of [url=""]Krytan[/url] [url=""]White Mantle[/url] occupation, but was ultimately destroyed by the Mantle due to the actions of the traitor [url="http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Markis"]Markis[/url].

Today, the Henge is under study by a nearby encampment of [url=""]Durmand Priory[/url] researchers and explorers."

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