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Guild Upgrade Status

by Balandar on 29 Aug 2012

The current list of upgrades that have been completed.[list]
[*]Architecture Level 1 Completed
[*]Guild Workshop Completed
[*]Politics Level 1 Completed
[*]Guild Emblem Completed
[*]Architecture 2 Completed
[*]Politics 2 - In queue (will be done 8/30 afternoon 4:15 PM EST)
[*]Guild Stash 50 slot - In queue (48 hours) Will be done 8/31 Friday afternoon 4:15 PM EST.
[*]Guild Armorer Contract (32 hours) Wait for Politics 2 before we can start
After that point it depends on how much influence we generate. The next vault is at Architecture Level 4 (20,000 from current point to get 100 slot vault).

Or Politics Weapons Contract takes Level 3 (6,000 from current point).

Or Economy, which doesn't seem to be that useful until level 3 for the +10% Magic Find for 72 hours.

Or Art of War which gives a lot of nice 12 hour buffs.

Influence takes time to generate. The more members we have representing, the more influence from activities completed. For example, logging in each day gives 10 influence. See [url="http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Influence"]http://wiki.guildwar.../wiki/Influence[/url] for more on influence.

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