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Everquest Next MMO

by Balandar on 15 Aug 2013

The next MMO coming up is EQ Next, a Sandbox MMO with a malleable world. You can sign up for the beta using the link below.

From their Wiki: EverQuest Next, or simply EQ Next, is the third installation in the sandbox type MMORPG franchise currently under development by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) using the Planetside 2 engine (Forgelight Engine). Unlike EverQuest II, this game is not a direct prequel or sequel; EverQuest Next is a reimagining of the universe, taking place in a parallel Norrath.

Read more at: http://everquestnext...om/wiki/EQ_Next
Main site: https://www.everquestnext.com/

Beta Sign-ups: https://www.everques...ta-registration

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